This office is especially equipped to deal with head pain, trauma to the head, and pain originating from the upper neck. All of the above, and many other conditions arise out of the brainstem. The brainstem collects all the nerves from the brain, several tens of millions of them, and bundles them all together in a long tube (the spinal column) that runs down the spinal cord to the various organs and parts of the body. Right under the skull is the top bone in the spine - C1 - or THE ATLAS. (That's easy to remember because Atlas is the Greek who balances the whole world atop his extended arms.) It's not a large step to compare the head of person, including the brain, to the entire world!

This is the least symmetrical bone in the spine. That's true among people and between the 2 sides of the Atlas. The other bones are fairly regular, but the Atlas, and the bone below it - C2 - THE AXIS, are known to be very asymmetrical. That's why the Blair Chiropractic - the upper cervical work we do, is so unique. This method, unlike most Chiropractic, bases the adjustment not on the ideal alignment found in the anatomy books, but on these asymmetries arising from each individual's anatomical structure and specific traumatic experiences.

By taking x-rays specific to the individual, we can determine the best method of correction of these bones. And the amazing part of this method is that there are countless variations between people, but THEY CAN ALL BE ADJUSTED ACCURATELY. Even better than that, if the bones (and nerves) go back to their previous position, they can be recorrected precisely according to those angles.

How often do these bones need to be recorrected before a permanent resolution happens? That depends upon how long they've been out of position. The time intervals vary between 1 adjustment for a fresh trauma case (several of our patients) to several adjustments every week for several years (Dr. Dorrin's case where there was an accident which destroyed the stability of her cervical spine on top of a birth injury 23 years before.) Don't worry, we've never found another case that drawn out...

Our X-Ray

We've solved the problems commonly associated with upper cervical doctors! In most cases, the radiation required to get these precision top of the neck x-rays can be prohibitive. Dr. Bob, was both a steamfitter/welder, and an electronics technician before he became a Chiropractor. Thus, he was able to build a functional and STATE-OF-THE-ART setup for a pulsed fluoroscopy system that uses less than 1/10 the radiation of a normal x-ray unit and sends the images directly to a computer system to be read. It's safe, effective, and NOT AT ALL DANGEROUS.

We can take several full series of x-rays (5-7) for the same amount of radiation you get in one hospital x-ray. One of the advantages is that over time, we can take more x-rays to pinpoint specific vertebral levels and subluxations. Also, we can examine the changes that happen over time, to more specifically adjust the temporal changes that are an inevitable part of a whiplash.

Head/Neck Misalignment

Brain messages control all body functions! The critical head/neck area can easily become subluxated; a fall, an accident, a bump on the head, bad sleeping habits or poor posture. Misalignment can even occur during the birth process, a simple twist of the head during delivery can bring on future problems! Any type of misalignment, regardless of how it occurred, restricts or distorts brain to body messages in this critical area at the top of the neck. Left unchecked this imperfect connection can cause pain and symptoms to develop and increase during one's lifetime.

That part of the body that cannot effectively communicate with the brain will begin to develop health problems. These symptoms will grow worse until the misalignment (bottleneck) is corrected and effective brain to body communication is restored.


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