What Should We Eat?

We have a fairly good grasp of what the body needs and how it works, although we are not nutritionists. We can eat various things and get benefit from them, but the people who are the healthiest and live the longest are 20% under their normal weight. (That's the weight they would be at if left alone.) The problem happens when we begin listening too hard to our tastebuds. Many things are good right now, but have no lasting benefit. This includes white flour, white sugar, and all soft drinks (both regular and diet). However, unless one has time to do all the cooking and preparation necessary, that's a pretty difficult and restrictive diet. Those rules should stay in the back of our minds to shape our nutritional goals, though.

So what are the RIGHT nutritional goals? Let's begin at the beginning: a human is 60% water (babies are 75-80%). That means we need a great deal of water to keep the cells hydrated, the toxins flowing out, and the bodily functions to work correctly. We recommend a gallon a day (But to get a more exact figure, take 1/2 your weight in pounds. Drink that many ounces of water a day - a gallon is 128 oz.) No that doesn't count the water in beer, the water in coffee, or the water in fruit.

Another good rule is to attempt to avoid partially hydrogenated fat (that's almost anything precooked). Countless studies attempting to give animals atherosclerosis have shown that partially hydrogenated fat and chlorinated water (basic tap water) together cause enough endothelial injury to harden the artieries of the test animals. So filter your water and cook your own food. No, it doesn't have to be fancy, but if you make it, you know what's in it!

A good goal is to try any change you might want to implement for 1 month. If at the end of 30 days, you feel better, adopt the change.

Here's a recommendation:

Should you be drinking diet sodas?

Daily vitamins - these are general supplements that can benefit almost everyone:

  • VIT. D-3 (2,000 IU) - This is crucially important and most people are chronically short. It helps protect against flu and colds.
  • PROBIOTICS - This is a mineral source that aids balanced digestion.
  • TMG - This helps repair cells provides nutritional suppport for the liver.
  • MULTI-VITAMIN - This is the standard all-in-1 capsule for the various B's, A, E, Zn, Cu, I and various other supplements we need daily in small quantities.
  • CoQ10 - This vit. is found everywhere in the body, and is important for cardio-vascular health and energy demands.
  • L-LYSINE - This has specific immune functions and also keeps cold-sores in check

These are special supplements that are for individual use. They can be found at a local health food store, except the last which must be ordered by a doctor.

  • NIACINIMIDE - A form of niacin which helps balance LDL's and HDL's.
  • BEEF GELATIN - This is to harden fingernails (either as powder or capsule)
  • OMEGA-3 FISH OIL - a good fat that the body seems to require.
  • OSTINOL - A protein supplement to stimulate bone and cartilage formation

Iodine - a crucially important element of which most people are short.

Are you tired all the time, putting on weight, or have insufficient thyroid function?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, you can build up your thyroid function with Iodine. AND THE TEST IS THE REMEDY!!! This is a very old solution.

Get a hold of some tincture of Iodine (yup, that reddish-brown stuff you used to put on cuts as a kid). Paint a 2" X 2" square somewhere on your body. Make sharp edges because you have to find this square pot over the next few days. As a matter of fact, it should be visible on your skin for 3 days. That's until the top layer of skin completely sheds! Assuming you don't scrub at the spot with soap, water alone will not disturb it! Unless you live in Louisiana, you are probably not getting enough seafood and sea vegetables to supply you with sufficient amount of iodine. In that case, your painted square will last several hours only (instead of 3 days). If that is the case, your body was so short of iodine, it completely absorbed the amount you drew on your skin. If that is the case, make another square in another location. The body will absorb this one or not. So, the test (does it last for 3 days) is the way to get iodine into your body. Keep doing the test until it lasts for 3 days. Then you have enough iodine. Unless you are sufficiently supplementing your system, you will run short in a brief time. In a couple weeks, try it again.

This is how we start every day. It is high fiber, high nutrition and satisfying enough to start every day. It is easy to prepare and digest, helps normalize the body, and is very convenient. We make it up a week in advance in individual bags which we refrigerate until we put one in a bowl covered with an inch of water, and microwave (or add boiling water).

** The formula **
1 large handful:
oat meal - HEART HEALTH
wheat bran - INSOLUBLE FIBER
1 medium handful:
oat bran - SOLUBLE FIBER
raw sunflower seeds - HEALTHY NUTS
1 small handful:
flax seed meal - OMEGA-3 FATTY ACID
1 -2 TBSP:
few grains :
local bee pollen - ALLERGY PREVENTION
Finally, we always cut up a piece of fruit or 2 for variety and flavor every day!

Aside from this breakfast, the other staple is VITAMIN C - here's the simple recipe for HEALTH-FOOD SODA-POP:

VIT C- the MOST IMPORTANT vitamin of all. Instead of taking pills, we make our own liquid formula which gives us a daily dose of 5g (instead of the recommended 60mg) As a result, we enhance the immune system, help our bones grow and strengthen, and vitalize our bodies. This formula is based on the ester-C supplement. We boil 1/2 cup of water. Then we add a level tsp. of Vit. C powder (We buy the ascorbic acid powder at Amazon crystal form.) After that dissolves, we add 3/4 tsp. dolomite powder (Kal vitamins). This is calcium and magnesium in the form of a natural chalk-like substance. The mixture will fizz and fume for a brief time. After it calms down, we add some sort of fruit juice to cover the "chalky" flavor, and drink. {This is essentially how they make Ester-C, but at the point before we add the fruit juice, they dry it into pellets and sell it as pills with a much smaller dose of C in it than our soda pop.} The more C you take, the healthier you will be!


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