Self Healing


This is not a treatise on the marvels of the world-class athlete. It is just a reminder that the human body thrives on motion. You are not necessarily required to do a sweat-inducing workout several times/week, but 15 minutes daily of slow and steady motion is ideal for the muscles. REMEMBER. THE REGULARITY OF YOUR EXERCISE IS FAR MORE IMPORTANT THAN THE AMOUNT. (This is the prescription for normal people, not cardiac patients or those with specific diseases.). Just getting up and walking several times around your living room can be a good start for your basic "couch potato." Carefully, move your shoulders and hips through their normal ranges of motion WHILE REMEMBERING TO BREATHE. A daily walk around the block is a reasonable goal to start.

Aside from exercise, vitamins promote a healthy body; see NUTRITION page.

Thyroid Function

Is your thyroid gland working properly? Many people are in a state of chronic shortage and DO NOT EVEN REALIZE IT. Symptoms cover activity level, mood, temper, and level of tiredness. Of particular concern is a person's level of Iodine. If you live in Louisiana, you are probably fine due to the amount of fish and sea vegetables prevalent in the daily diet. If you live anywhere else, you might need to do some testing. The test for iodine is extremely cheap and very effective!! The test is the cure - and what can be easier than that? Take a bottle of tincture of iodine (you know, that stuff you used to put on cuts when you were young). Then paint a 2" x 2" square on a part of your body that is hidden (so no one asks you about that dark spot). Go over this square several times until it is a brownish color, then leave alone. See how long it lasts. If you do not scrub the area with soap, it should last 3 days (until the skin completely sheds). Most people, in our experience, last less than 8 hours the first time. When the iodine disappears, the body has absorbed it and it's time to pick a new spot and do it again.

Trigger Points

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How To Help Those Ow-ies

The most important thing to remember is ICE, NOT HEAT for any new injury. That's for any injury within the last 3 days. Ice shrinks the blood vessels and tissues, and helps reduce inflammation. That's what you want for any fresh injury (cuts, bruises, muscle tears, or head-aches) It's like when you cut your finger, you put ice on it to stop the bleeding.

After 3 days, you can alternate ice with heat. But, remember, ice can more of a difference initially than anything else.

The best icepack you can buy is a pound of frozen peas. They are re-usable, come in discrete particles, and last in a frozen state about 20 minutes, which is all the time you want to ice at each session anyway. This will prevent frostbite...

Full Sinuses

There are very few things more uncomfortable than having stuffed sinuses. Your nose (and often your ears) are clogged, yet your nose is constantly running. Antihistamines do not work, nor do NSAIDS. The only thing that works is to temporarily ignore the symptoms, and treat the cause. The best way to this is via a nasal spray. And if you make it by yourself, you save money! In a glass, place 1 cup of distilled water. Add 1/2 tsp. salt and (if it's available, 1/2 tsp. xylitol - a non-nutritive artificial sweetener that softens the nasal passages). Then lean over the sink, and take a spoonful of the mixture and inhale it up one nostril. When it drops through to the back of your throat, spit it out. I KNOW IT SOUNDS DISGUSTING, BUT IT WORKS!! It has the effect of clearing the particles out of your nasal cavities, so you can breathe easier. After a few times through one nostril, switch to the other side, and repeat. YOU'LL BE AMAZED AT THE RESULTS!


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